Welcome to Serres Hackathon 5.0

Here is some useful information and hints about your participation. Please read them carefully, they may save you a lot of time.

A. Topic

  • Will be posted on a SerresTech GitHub repository.
  • On the same repo you will be able to submit issues and ask for any declaration.
  • Topic may change slightly after the questions submitted (e.g. there may be more details as also as explanations).
  • Topic is language agnostic.
  • Topic is OS agnostic.

B. Project files

  • You need to create at least 1 repository on GitHub to host your project.
  • You need to have at least on the root of your project a “” or any other file that will describe the solution, software, language, algorithms used as well as any simple steps to use the project.
  • You need to have an open source LICENSE in your project.
  • You need to set a GitHub Topic to your (main) repository with the name “serres-hackathon-2023”.
  • You should commit to your GitHub repo often and not only once at the end.
  • If there are compiled files please include them as compiled files also and not only their source code.
  • The organizers will be able to randomly check a few projects for violating the rules or using unauthorized work of others.
  • You can create these repositories before the Hackathon starts.
  • The implementation will be done in your own GitHub repository. At the end of the available time you will be asked for the link to the repository which will be forked from the official GitHub Organization that will be set up specifically for this Hackathon. Changes to the code after the fork will not be considered.
Here is an example of such a Project skeleton you can fork and start with:

C. Presentations

  • You will have only 5 - 10 minutes to present your project.
  • You will need to give answers exactly to each step of the topic.
  • The order of the presentations will be in the reverse order of submission of the Projects as it was done in the relevant form.
  • Since there will be a comparison of the solutions you should include any running stats (time of execution, cpu/memory configuration etc) that will help the judges decide.
  • If there is a demo of how your project runs please use a screensaver, images, video or any other file that will work offline. Avoid live demos using your laptop/phone etc.
  • If there are any presentation slides you are kindly requested to use stable formats such as pdf or HTML. Avoid ppt or online presentation services.
  • Due to the big number of teams you may be asked to make your presentation using a usb drive where you will have all your files. You will not be able to connect your laptop/software to the presentation machine.
  • Be to the point. 10 minutes is too short to explain everything.

D. Validation

  • Only the organizers will validate the projects.
  • Except for the points for each solution, the presentation, UI and the code quality will be evaluated.

E. Winners and gifts

  • Each participant will get a t-shirt, a badge, stickers and a unique certificate.
  • The 1st team will get a gift coupon, the winner medals and special certificates.
  • The 2nd and 3rd teams will get a gift coupon each and the 2nd, 3rd winner medals accordingly and some special certificates.
  • All the Teams are kindly requested to stand up for the main photograph of the Hackathon before the end of the Hackathon.

F. Several

For questions please visit our slack channel #Hackathon.